HIGH COURT ENFORCEMENT - Absolute Enforcement Bailiff


Absolute Enforcement offer High Court Enforcement Services under the authority of two experienced Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers formerly known as Sheriffs.  This service allows us to act quickly for every client (creditor).  It is particularly ideal where the defendant has goods of value but is refusing to pay as the Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, Sheriffs principal role, authorised by the Ministry of Justice, enables us to acquire the paperwork to enforce a variety of judgments, including outstanding sums of money, possession orders and other less common types of order.

Our clients choose us for our:

National Coverage With Local Knowledge – our experienced and highly professional team of Court Certificated Enforcement Agents (bailiff) are based throughout the UK and can act on any County Court case where the value is £600 or over.

Latest Technology – we have comprehensive contracts with a number of high-profile Private Investigator Companies which use up to date tracing and financial database technology to quickly find the defendant to allow our Court Certificated Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) to obtain swift collection.

Swift Resolution – Once the client has obtained the possession or money order and the permission to transfer to the High Court, we can have the Writ drawn up by our Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers and sealed.  We can then enforce if we know the defendant’s address often, within a few days of the client’s instruction.

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