Absolute Door Supervisors Save a Life

Absolute Security Door Supervisor gives CPR and resuscitates a customer who collapsed in a bar in Great Dunmow. 

On Saturday night, the 27th of May 2023, a gentleman collapsed in the toilets at The Flitch House Bar in Great Dunmow where two Absolute Door Staff were working.

It was not the usual night for two of our highly trained door staff, at around 12:40am a gentleman alerted them to their friend having collapsed in the bathroom, when they went to check the man was unresponsive and had stopped breathing. 

In a high stress situation, both of our First Aid Trained Door Staff remained calm, cool and collected. One contacted emergency services and the other started CPR. 

NHS First Aid Advice: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/first-aid/cpr/   

After a few minutes the gentleman took a gasp of air and was conscious and breathing. The security staff put him in the recovery position and made sure he was safe and comfortable until Paramedics and family arrived on the scene.  The paramedics took the gentleman to hospital. 

Without the quick response of our first aid trained security door staff, this gentleman may not have survived. This shows the great importance of having highly trained security staff on hand to help with any situation. 

One of our door staff quoted, “As a Doorman, you’re not just there counting heads, the overall safety of everyone there is the main priority and it’s a big part of the job.”  Expressing the importance of security door supervisors, as they are there to protect the premises and the people within it and preserve life. He added, “People were panicking around me, so I had to keep my cool and focus; the goal was to save a life.” – here at Absolute Enforcement and Security, we want to ensure our staff are prepared to deal with any situation, the life of a Security Door Supervisor is versatile, no night is the same and situations can change very quickly. Our goal is to ensure the safety of everyone when our staff are on the door and ensure that the people feel safe.  

We asked Andy the owner of Flitch House in Great Dunmow. What was his thoughts about the incident. Andy is the director of The Flitch House Group, which runs a number of bars in and around Essex, and also does many private and public pop up bar events. He said “Our amalgamation with Absolute has been a brilliant partnership and this was highlighted by their amazing team supporting us in taking care of our customers.”

We at Absolute Enforcement and Security are very proud of the quick reactions of the security team on the night. 

We asked Chris our director of Absolute Enforcement and Security what he thought, he said “The two door staff did an amazing job, presented with a very stressful situation where there was a customers life on the line.  It was great to hear the door team’s training kicked in, and they went into action, saving the customers life. This highlights the importance of door security teams being trained correctly.  When recruiting, it is very important for us to see what training the new recruit has undertaken and how often they top up their training with refresher courses. Our focus ensures we supply the best security operatives to our clients. These two door supervisors have done themselves and our company proud.”

Absolute security are currently recruiting for door supervisors to join our growing professional team in Essex. If you have a SIA door license, first aid certificate and driving license with a vehicle and would like to join our team in Essex feel free to give us a call. 0300 302 1010

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