See us on the Channel 5 TV Show “Call The Bailiffs: Time To Pay Up” (Episode 2)

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Channel 5 Call The Bailiffs – Time To Pay Up, Episode 2


This Monday we saw our team on the new ‘Call the Bailiffs: Time to Pay Up’ Channel 5 tv show. In episode 2 there was more interesting stories, and it really shows the professionalism of our enforcement agents. If you missed Monday’s episode, it can be found on Channel 5’s catch up programmes (My5), below is a synopsis of what happened on this week’s show in episode 2.

Next Monday at 9 pm on the ‘Call the Bailiffs: Time to Pay Up’ Channel 5 tv show you will see our Absolute Enforcement, high court enforcement team again enforcing on a High Court Writs working hard to get the clients their money, some exciting and eye-opening stories to come.

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Mark & Virgil £1,875 owed by a construction company.

Numerous attempts have been made but it is believed that the defendant may be hiding from the High Court Enforcement team. Enforcement Agents Mark & Virgil from Absolute Enforcement arrived at a residential property, they noticed that the windows were open and they knocked on the door. The ex partner of the debtor answered the door and explained that he was not there. However, she offered to call him. The debtor explained that he doesn’t have any money but offered £200 now and £100 a month which was explained to him that this would take over a year to recover the debt. The high court enforcement agents from Absolute Enforcement explained that they would give him 15 mins to try and arrange a payment or they would have to escalate to the next stage.

The High Court Enforcement Agents hoped that he would be able to raise the funds and not have to seize goods from the company address as this was the home of the ex-wife. Virgil being a multi-lingual agent spoke in Romanian to the defendant’s wife and explained what was happening. Mark also explained that despite the ex-wife saying he doesn’t live at the address, there are open parcels addressed to him and the address is the same address where they have visited, he then explained the next steps.

Our High Court Enforcement Agents received some new intelligence that the debtor owned a new E-Class Mercedes for which the ex-wife gave the High Court Enforcement Agents a new address so they could recover the vehicle to recover the debt. The debtor called and offered £200 now and £200 a month and this was the maximum that he could afford. The High Court Enforcement Agents explained that £2500 would be added to the debt if they have to go to the next stage, the defendant asked for 20 mins to try and arrange funds. As Absolute Enforcement Agents were about to escalate to the next stage, the debtor called and pays the debt in full. As always with Absolute Enforcement Agents, a thank you was given and the agents left the area.

Chris & Gavyn £2042 owed by a medical services company

The debtor has a second business address so, Chris from a High court Enforcement Agents from Absolute Enforcement decide to visit this address. On arrival they are informed that the defendant is not in the country but is currently in Dubai. The debtor is called and in private admits the debt and asks if it can be paid tomorrow. Chris the high court enforcement agent from Absolute Enforcement explained that he can give them 7 days to pay but would first take control of goods for 7 days. If this was not paid then the fees would increase. The defendant was insistent that the debt could not be paid today.

The debtor was trying to contact some friends to help with raising the funds needed to recover the debt.  Chris explained to the defendant that he was not on site to cause any issues and would not remove the computers at this time and reiterated the deadline and if payment was not received, goods would be seized (Taken into Control). Chris also advised that he was aware of the beauty clinic which was only a few minutes drive from their current location.

Debtor called back and advised that a friend who was a dentist was going to help with the debt but was mid-procedure with a patient and is unable to stop the treatment to pay. However, in 30 mins the payment would be made. Chris gave the defendant the benefit of doubt and after the agreed 30 mins, payment was received. The payment was just in time as a parking warden was 2 mins away from giving them a parking ticket.

Chris & Gavyn £5856 owed for 4 +years legal fees

The High Court Enforcement Agents had received a new address which was £1.1 million in value. There was an air of confidence that they would get a payment on this case and they would find a nice car on the drive that they could take control of.  However, on arrival the house was run down, derelict and vacant. Windows were open but clearly nobody was at home. Gavyn spoke to the neighbours who advised that the owners had passed away and their daughter had sold the property to a developer. The daughter had moved to Canada. The neighbours gave the High Court Enforcement Agents the details of the developer who was contacted and asked if they could help with any information on the debtor.  Chris from Absolute Enforcement explained that everyone can be found and that when she is back in the country, she will be found.


Mark from Absolute Enforcement gave an explanation on camera of the stress that the claimants go through and explained that patience is everything and persistence pays the bills.

Alex & KC £2500 unpaid rent

On arrival the High Court Enforcement Agents find a locked car on the drive. Alex decides to knock the door where there is no answer. The agents proceed through an open side gate and get access to the rear garden. The High Court Enforcement Agent find the back door wide open and, remaining outside the property, shout through into the house. Due to covid restrictions at the time, the High Court Enforcement Agents were not allowed into the property. Alex prepares to clamp the vehicle found on the drive. A lady appears who attempts to push KC away from the door she is standing in front of. KC explains that the lady cannot touch her as this is an offence. The debtor then calls the Police who explain that the agents are lawfully carrying out their duties and are allowed to be at the premises. The debtor also contacted their solicitor who spoke to Alex who took the time to explain to the solicitor how a High Court Writ is enforced.
The debtors partner tried to explain that they have paid £2500 previously and now they come for another £2500 which he advises that this debt will not be paid. The debtor and her partner then decide to drive off in a second vehicle.
Warning notices are placed on the vehicle explaining that the vehicle is subject to being removed. The clamp is needed to remain on the vehicle for 2 hours before the vehicle can be removed, this gives the debtor time to pay the debt.
An unknow male arrives and tries to explain that the car belongs to him and that the partner sold it to him recently, but no proof was given.
The debtor is now back with her partner and offer a payment of £500 now and the balance next week, this was refused by the agent. The debtor claims that she will sit in the car which the agents explain that that would be obstruction of an Enforcement Agent carrying out their duties and that would be a criminal offense so would advise the debtor against doing this.

At this stage, Alex tries to reason with the debtor but again the couple drive away. The only option left to the High Court Enforcement Agents is to take control of the vehicle. After 4.5 hours of being on site, the car is removed for sale at auction. 2 weeks later the debtor makes a payment plus an additional £700 for removal and storage costs.

Below is the link to the My5 Channel 5 catch up for episode 2, Call The Bailiffs – Time To Pay Up: