Same Day Trespasser Removals

Absolute Enforcement and Security regularly support a range of different clients from land owners to commercial property owners; estate agents and solicitors in the removal of unwanted travellers or squatters on their site within 24 hours.

Our most recent case was dealt with within 24 hours.  Here is how a typical case would be dealt with from initial call to resolution.

Received Call from Landowner

Out of ours call from worried land owner to Absolute Enforcement where travellers had moved onto his site.

A derelict urban building site hosting two caravans and two vans, amidst scattered gas canisters, cables, and litter, creating a scene of abandonment and disarray

Risk Assessment

The first thing we do is gather as much information as possible including:

  • size of site
  • number of caravans / vehicles
  • access opportunities
  • local neighbours / risk to the public
  • any further information the land owner can provide e.g. animals on site that would require specific team to disperse e.g. horses.

Once the assessment was complete, we would swiftly engage our Enforcement Agents and Security Officers.  In this case, following the risk assessment, we also engaged dog handlers, and ensured relevant tow trucks were available to be on site.

In this instance, it was felt that Police presence wasn’t necessary.  However, as part of our role, we do work very closely with Local Authorities and the Local Police to ascertain any risk and to allocate sufficient resources so that eviction is completed quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Removal Team

The removal team were pulled together quickly over night and arrived on scene at 6.35 am the following morning.

Working swiftly, the travellers were moved on peacefully by 10.45 am.

The land was cleared of all unwanted travellers and handed back to the land owner.

Successful Traveller Evictions Service by Absolute Enforcement. Three caravans departing an urban site, with an enforcement agent observing their departure. Gas canisters are visible on the ground next to the caravans

Cutting out the middle man

At Absolute Enforcement we are often engaged by a Solicitor to support Trespasser or Squatter removal for their own clients.  However, on this case specifically, our client was quoted £15,000 from their own solicitor to remove these travellers.  By coming to us directly, you only pay us at a fraction of the price quoted.

Absolute Enforcement offer enforcement services across England and Wales.  We specialise in the removal of trespassers and squatters from private land and property.  We provide a swift and professional service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  If you would like to see how we can support you with unwanted trespassers or squatters then contact us today 0300 302 1010.