Forfeiture Case Study – The Entry in under 17 mins

How would you like your property back in under 17mins?

Read on to find out how Absolute Enforcement executed a forfeiture of lease in under 17mins.

Report for forfeiture of lease enforcement operation carried out by Absolute Enforcement.

Prior to the operation, a visit to the site, and a risk assessment was completed.

The team carrying out this operation consisted of 1 enforcement team leader, 3 court certified enforcement agents, 8 security personnel, 2 dog units, 3 Locksmiths, fencing contractors, and a concrete bollard contractor.

On Tuesday 16th January 2024 at 03:00hrs the Team Leader did a drive-by the site and the site looked to be closed with no people around. 03:30hrs the team met at Tesco car park, a short distance away from the target site. The team leader carried out a full briefing where clear instructions were given on how we planned to successfully carry out this operation. At approximately 03:55hrs we proceeded in convoy to the target site where we arrived at approximately 04:00hrs.

Once on site the enforcement agents, security team and dog units secured the perimeter whilst concrete bollards and metal security fences was placed around the perimeter to secure the site. The 3 Locksmiths proceeded to secure all external shutters to the multiple retail units on site to prevent any potential security breaches taking place.

At approximately 04:16hrs all security fencing and concrete bollards were in place, and we had control of the perimeter.