Forfeiture Case Study – The Hold

On Wednesday 17th January 2024 X arrived outside the site again meeting several males and females.

At approximately 10:49hrs a white transit registration no: AB12 123 arrived with 1 IC1 male who met with 2 IC3 males in a Blue Honda registration no: AB12 123. It appeared that these males including the driver of the blue Honda was smoking cannabis. A call was made to police to update them and we was given another a CAD report number was given.

At approximately 11:35hrs 2 other vehicles also arrived registration no: AB12 123 and AB12 123. At approximately 12:06hrs another vehicle arrived registration no: AB12 123. I was liaising with X throughout the day explaining to him the Torts notice and that he had 7 days to remove any of the assets that he had interest in from the site.

He explained that he was finding it difficult to remove and store the mobile food unit. At approximately 14:40hrs I made enquiries with London Hiab hire LTD who confirmed that they would be able to supply a crane lorry to transport the food unit and that they are also able to offer storage for the unit. These details were passed on to X and Y to assist them with the swift removal of the food unit.

Throughout the afternoon there was multiple males and females outside the site making comments on the operation and stating that they will not be giving up on helping X reopen these businesses on the site. They also explained that they would be putting pressure on the local council to assist.

At approximately 19:55hrs 2 males who appeared to be from a Romanian origin approached the site and stated that they had come to pick up a package from the car wash business. I asked them what sort of package they were supposedly picking up and they explained that the car wash was a drop off and pick up point for people and packages being trafficked from Romania. Due to the information provided I was unsure if this was illegal activity. A call to police was made at approximately 20:00hrs to inform them and keep them updated. A new a CAD report number was given. No items were given to these people, and when we went to question them further, they left the site very quickly.

On Thursday 18th January 2024 at approximately 11:45hrs X arrived at the site. We had a conversation with him regarding the removal of his assets and he again stated that he still had not found any storage for the food unit.

At approximately 12:32hrs I made further enquiries with a company called Store that self-storage to assist him with the food unit removal from site, we measured the food unit and gave measurements to the company and again this company confirmed that they would be able to store the unit. Details of this company was passed to X.


At 13:15hrs several IC3 males arrived and met X sitting in his vehicle. At 13:22 hours a IC1 male arrived and was walking around the site perimeter recording the whole site. At 14:09 X again approached the site, i asked him how he was getting on with the removal and storage of the food unit and his other assets, he appeared to only be interested and hopeful that the local council would help him with getting back on site or relocating all his business. 2 IC3 males approached him asking him if he needed help getting back into the site stating to him that they would have no problem breaching the security and getting him back on site.

The following list is of the vehicles that have appeared at the site today connected with X.

On Friday 19th January 2024 X and Y appeared outside of the site again, meeting with several people from the local community.

On Saturday 20th January 2024 X was outside the site and at approximately 14:56hrs a IC3 male approx. early 30’s slim build, silver jacket, dreadlock, glasses, orange and red TN trainers. Male is known by X and the other 4 males present became passive aggressive stating his from the block and what are we going to do when they surround us and that we shouldn’t risk our life for our job.

At approximately 16:20hrs IC3 male, late teens, early 20s wearing a face mask, blue jeans, knee length black jacket, white Jordan trainers riding a black electric bike become very volatile making threats that he would “light the place up” and “shank the security dogs” on site. At approximately 16:48hrs this was reported to the police, and we were given a new CAD no:


The police called us back and said they do not have any units available right now but would like to book to meet us on site. They booked to visit the site on Tuesday afternoon. However, on that Tuesday they were meant to arrive they called us and said they do not have any vehicles available to get any officers to the site so will not be attending.

On Saturday 20th January 2024 at approximately 19:23hrs a Black Range Rover arrived registration no: AB12 123 with several males in they appeared to be checking out the site assessing the security situation on site.

On Sunday 21st January 2024 X and several other males arrived on site and took some of their belongings in their cars.

On Monday 22nd January 2024 X arrived on site at approximately 13:25 with several males driving 2 vans one a white Luton tail lift registration no: AB12 123 and the other a silver Volkswagen box van registration no: AB12 123 they arrived to collect most of their belongings on site. The security team on site assisted and brought all belongings from inside the buildings to

the front gate. At all times being on high alert that this could be a ploy to breach the site. At approximately 17:44hrs it was agreed that a qualified electrician would be permitted on site to remove the electrical water pumps and led lighting units from the car wash. Mr Christian Robinson Dan arrived and provided identification and 2 CSCS cards to prove his qualifications. He was supervised on site at all times.

On Tuesday 23rd January 2024

X and the same vehicles from Monday 22nd January arrived and finished taking all of the belongings on site apart from the food unit that was agreed to be removed on Thursday 25th January 2024. Mr Z was also escorted on site to remove a glass door from the Barbershop that apparently had significant value. The glass door was moved from site using Vehicle AB12 123 which was driven by Y X’s wife.

At approximately 18:57 on Tuesday 23rd January 2024, X confirmed on video recording that he had no further interest in any of the goods left on site apart from the food unit.

On Wednesday 24th January 2024 X arrived at the site and continued to meet with locals from the community. During the evening protest boards stating “No Price No Culture” was attached to the metal fences. We removed these boards.

Employee from Prismar contract’s arrived on site to carry out a site inspection and found that the electrical power supply had been re wired from the street to pass the site electrical fuse board. Theft of the electric supply was reported to police at 10:57hrs and a CAD report number was given.

At 13:57hrs X was back outside the site with 2 other IC3 males. At approximately 1640hrs on Wednesday 24th January 2024 I was on site at AB12 123 AB12 123 with my colleagues when a IC1 female approximately late 50’s, slim build wearing a long black jacket pulling a shopping trolley appeared at the front of the site and Met with four IC3 males who arrived in a black Vauxhall Astra registration no: AB12 123  two of these IC3 males got out of the vehicle and was given by the female several A4 leaflets with “save plush” on them. The males then started to put them on vehicle windscreens including our dog unit vehicle and they were stopping passing vehicles giving these leaflets out. All security was at the front of the site including the security dog unit to deter any potential security breaches. X and other males have also been back to the site today standing outside meeting with several people. It appears that he is continuing to attend the site to assess the level of security.

At approximately 22:27hrs an IC3 female attended the site and attempted to take down the forfeiture and torts notices that had been placed on the security fences.

On Thursday 25th January 2024 at approximately 13:22hrs X arrived at the site with his wife Y and several other males he informed us that the Hiab lorry to remove the food unit would arrive between 15:00hrs and 16:00hrs.

At approximately 15:27hrs an employee from Lakeside Containers services arrived in a Hiab lorry registration no: AB12 123  and proceeded to remove the food unit off site. At 16:35hrs on Thursday 25th January 2024 a recorded conversation between X and myself took place confirming that X was happy that he had now removed all assets of interest to him from the site and that he had no further interest in the site.

At approximately 18:26hrs a IC3 female appeared outside the site perimeter shouting “Save Plush” and handing out leaflets.

At approximately 19:45hrs another IC3 female appeared and was handing out leaflets to “Save Plush”. She went on to explain to us that the community is not happy with the loss of the businesses and that we would be seeing them at some point over the coming days carrying out a protest.

On Saturday 27th January 2024 at approximately 09:00hrs Mr A arrived on site with several other males who had been instructed to carry out a soft demolition of the site. In the afternoon there was an organised protest at the front of the site with around 30-40 people in attendance throughout the afternoon. Police was informed a CAD report number was given. Due to Millwall football club playing at home there was police resources in the area and they positioned a police vehicle at the front of the site.

On Monday 29th January at approximately 13:00hrs an employee from Prismar contracts arrived on site and placed 3 CCTV cameras. Throughout this operation, the security had to at all times be on high alert as it was strongly felt that the site was being watched to see if we had any weak points where the site could potentially be breached. As the days and nights went on eventually there was less people watching the site, allowing us to slowly stand some of the security down assessing the risk at all times. The risk was if we stood down the security too early, the site could be compromised by the local gangs in the area and the whole operation would have to start again. We was also keeping a close eye on any social media related to the site, as this was giving us information of any potential protesting. We did notice that there were many comments on social media about the site. A number of them was supporting the ex-tenant and there were also a number of comments stating that the site was known for drug dealing and other activities.

Throughout the whole operation, we kept the Local Police updated and notified them of criminal activities. We found the Local Police not to be interested in the information that was given to them, even when we had evidence of electricity being stolen, and what looked to be evidence of people trafficking. Let alone the volatile risk of violence at certain times of the operation. Due to the strong security and enforcement presence, with a highly experienced well organised team and a lot of planning and preparation the operation was successfully executed.

As of Tuesday 13th February 2024, we are now down to only having one security Dog Unit on site until the client feels comfortable that there is no risk of any breaches or protesters.