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About Absolute Enforcement

Absolute Enforcement is fast growing company that operate nationwide and specialise in the areas of High Court Enforcement; Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR); Forfeiture of Leases; Trespasser Removals (including Travellers and Squatters or Persons Unknown); Local Authority Work; Process Serving; Enforcement Support; ANPR Service and our unique Pre-Debt Letter Service.


High Court Enforcement

Absolute Enforcement offers High Court Enforcement Services under the authority of two experienced Authorised Court Enforcement officers.

High Court еnforcеmеnt is a crucial procеss for dеbt rеcovеry through court procееdings. Absolutе Enforcеmеnt еxcеls in this fiеld, еnsuring lеgal compliancе. Thеir sеrvicеs covеr writ issuancе, assеt sеizurе, and еfficiеnt dеbt rеcovеry. Thеy strikе a balancе bеtwееn thе rights of crеditors and dеbtors, protеcting thе intеrеsts of thosе owеd monеy whilе providing dеbtors with a structurеd path to addrеss thеir financial obligations.  

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We offer our Clients a wealth of experience and professionalism through dedicated, highly trained and skilled Court Certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) who have the ability to swiftly and seamlessly carry out our wide range of collection services in a professional manner, bringing a positive conclusion for our diverse range of clients.



At Absolute Enforcement we understand the importance of enforcement action being prompt and professional. We have highly trained enforcement agents (bailiffs) and use the best technology to assist with enforcement.

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