• Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery(CARAR)

    Working within CRAR and Taking Control of Goods (TCoG) Regulations, we are instructed by Private and Commercial Landlords or their Agents to recover unpaid rents once the rent has become due and payable including from your ex-tenants.  Our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) have an in-depth understanding of CRAR and will follow a step by step process as follows:

    • Absolute Enforcement will serve a 7 Day Notice of Binding on the Tenant.
    • Absolute Enforcement Court Certificated Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) will attend premises across England and Wales, if payment is not made in full to enforce on the Warrant of Control.
    • Actively carry out further collection solutions if debt remains unpaid at no cost to the instructing client.

Our clients choose us for our:-

  • Knowledge and experience to recover CRAR swiftly – through over  years of  hands-on experience
  • Free Service – our fees are the responsibility of the tenant
  • 24/7 Dedicated Account Manager – we will keep you updated every step of the process
  • Speed to action – all cases are actioned within 24 hours to speed up the recovery of debt for our clients
    • Coverage– we have dedicated and highly skilled Court Certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) across the UK
    • Partnerships– we have secured long-term solid relationships with high-profile Investigator and Security Companies within the UK to work with us specifically as a support on Possession Orders and Traveller Evictions.

    Have a question? Or not sure where to start?

    Call us or fill the simple contact form, we can help you to recover your rent arrears, or help with a breach of rental contract, from both current and ex tenant.

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