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We can assist you every stage of the way from a pre court debt collection and debt management service, to if needed getting a CCJ County Court Judgement and escalating the case to High Court for enforcement. 

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Have you ever ended up in Court to recover debts?  Maybe you are a high turnover company and employing a Solicitor to manage your Customers Bad Debt for Trade accounts?  Our Debt Management and Debt Recovery  service cuts out the middle man.

It is a well-known fact that some companies, to help with their cash flow, will hold back paying some of their invoices on time, so don’t let them choose to hold your invoice back, let our experienced debt recovery manager negotiate your invoice to the top of the payment pile.

This unique service is available to any company who is looking to recover debts quickly and cost-effectively before the case is then passed to court.

Why do our Clients choose us? 

Unique Service – With our unpaid invoices debt management package we understand that the person or company that has not paid your invoice you may wish to do business with again in the future, so we manage the case with this in mind.  With our debt collection package, we understand the need to collect your money as soon as possible.

Cost Effective – these solutions cuts out unnecessary, costly and timely correspondence with your Solicitor who could ultimately then pass the debt on to us to recover anyway while charging a high-fee and taking their fee first from the recovery of the debt prior to you receiving your payment.

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What we do:

Our experienced debt recovery manager will talk with the person or company that owes you money. They will identify why you have not been paid, they will discuss with you the reasons for not paying and look to come to a payment agreement to ensure you are paid your money at the soonest point. We will act as your agent in an intermediary role, with the intention to retrieve your money in a quick and professional way.

The value to you:

This is a chosen method of retrieving money for those that have clients that they would like to continue working with, so do not want to go down the court route. This method helps to keep a good working relationship between you and the person or company that owes you the money.

If, at the end of the debt recovery process, the person/company has still not paid the money we will then offer to send them the ‘immediate payment required letter’ FREE of charge. The letter explains that if payment is not made then court action may be taken against them.  We will give you your options if you wish to take the case further.

The unpaid invoice debt management package is £150 plus vat per case.


We are offering a NO WIN NO FEE* debt collection service.

We are disposing of our usual £39.00* plus VAT admin fee for limited time only, you will only pay a small percentage of the amount collected in remuneration for our services.

What we do:

Once set up on our system all you need to do is send us a copy of the original invoice you sent out to your customer and your clients contact information, then we can begin the process of collecting your outstanding debt.

If your customer has moved, we can trace them at an additional small cost.

The value to you:

This is the chosen method to companies that are about to write off the debt as the relationship has broken down with the people or company that owes the money.  Other than the small admin fee no other charges are applied if the debt is not collected and we only charge a small % on the amount of money that is collected.

If, at the end of the debt recovery process, the person/company has still not paid the money we will then give you your options if you wish to take the case further.

*If you instruct us for 3 or more cases we will waver the £39.00+vat admin fee.


Absolute Enforcement will send a pre-debt letter, which will inform the person or company of the amount owed to you and that payment is needed immediately and the possible outcomes if payment is not made.  We will give our phone number and email address and any communications will be reported back to you.


£50 plus vat per case

Absolute Enforcement as debt recovery agency offers the full spectrum of Enforcement Services to a wide range of clientele who need both one-off and ongoing management of debt recovery and High Court Enforcement.  With years of experience within the Enforcement and Security Sector, we understand the importance of delivering swift results through a systematic, disciplined and professional approach.  Using the most up to date, real time financial, trace and address

We also have different debt collection packages to suite every business no matter how big or small and can even manage your credit control on a rolling monthly basis.

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