At Absolute Enforcement, we offer support to a number of other Enforcement Companies to assist them in the positive resolution of collection of Council Tax and Traffic Management indirectly from Local Authorities.

We also regularly support other enforcement companies with a number of other enforcement services: High Court orders, CRAR, forfeitures, squatters, travellers and residential evictions, to name a few.

Our Clients Choose Us for our:

Experienced Enforcement Agents – all our Enforcement Agents (bailiffs) are trained to the highest level, having completed the level 3 Certificate for Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) taking control of goods course.  Most come from military or police backgrounds and have a succinct knowledge of the complicated legislation and regulations around enforcement.

Speed of Service – with the number of experienced Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) growing on a weekly basis, we can successfully deliver an extremely high volume of cases.


ANPR SERVICE (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

Absolute Enforcement offer a comprehensive ANPR Service to a number of high-profile existing Enforcement Companies.  Our agents are highly trained to support operational response and offence investigation utilising the latest GPRS map routing and a fleet of ANPR vehicles which are used in targeted campaigns alongside persistent evader special operations.

Our next step is to invest in our own fleet of ANPR vehicles to secure Local Authority contracts to ultimately contribute to the effective management of traffic on our roads and continue to work with Local Authorities in the management of dangerous parking.

Our Clients use us for our:

Experienced ANPR Specialists – all our Enforcement Agents are also trained to support the ANPR Service using the latest up to date technology and processing systems.

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