POSSESSION – FORFEITURE OF LEASE - Absolute Enforcement Bailiff


How Forfeiture works:

Almost every Commercial Property Rental Lease has a provision within it which allows the landlord to enter the building to exercise the Common Law Remedy of Forfeiture, bringing the end to a lease following a breach by the tenant and terminate the lease either immediately or following a period of notice.

Our clients choose us for our:

Peaceful Same Day (7 days a week) Forfeiture Service – enabling the landlord to repossess the premises immediately and secure it.  Our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) will enter the property and create an inventory of goods within, including photographs and meter readings.  Possession notices will be displayed and the property will be secured.

Preparation of TORTs Notice – If required, our team can also manage the communication with the Tenant including the preparation of a TORTs Notice including the expiry date for obtaining their goods within the property to the Tenants last known home address.

Preparation of site to Re-Let Quickly – Using one of our partner Companies, we remove and clear the site allowing the landlord to re-let the site swiftly.

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