The most common case now for Trespasser removals is the Traveller.  Under Common Law, the landowner has the legal right to remove trespassers from their land – using force if required.

We have strong partnerships with nationwide Security Companies who can assist in all areas of trespasser removals with our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs).  We work closely with Local Authorities and the Local Police to ascertain any risk and to allocate sufficient resources so that eviction is completed quickly and as efficiently as possible.


TRESPASSER REMOVALS - Traveller - Absolute Enforcement Bailiff

Our Clients choose us for our:

Quick Response – The Common Law process allows for removal without the need for court proceedings which can, when it involves travellers, avoid further groups gathering and further damage to land including the expensive removal of fly tipping.  Working with our sister Security Company, our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) are able to attend the same day upon receipt of the clients instruction.

Experts in Traveller Removal – Risk assessments are carried out by our experienced Enforcement Agents (Bailiff) at the site on arrival, which enable us to create a full operational plan for removal, focusing on key resources required, including police attendance and the impact on and safety of the public in the adjoining area.

High Court Enforcement Officers – with the experience on peacefully evicting Squatters and Trespassers following a County Court possession order who are living in disused commercial premises where we are unable to act on behalf of the landlord based on a forfeit of lease.

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