Launching our Commercial Property Pre-Litigation Service

Due to Client demand, we have added a new service to our portfolio our Commercial Property Pre-Litigation Service.

We have answered some of your questions about our new service here…

How can this service help my business?

Small businesses rely heavily on a steady cash-flow often to pay their own bills including start-up loans and other monthly expenditure associated with running any small business.

You could be waiting on a number of large payments from Companies that are now avoiding your calls and letters…time is ticking and you need ‘funds in’ to continue trading – this is where Absolute Enforcement can help – our role is to help you get monies owed back as quickly as possible.

We are one of the few UK-based Enforcement Companies that actively promote the pre-legal approach as it often avoids the need for escalation to court proceedings which can prove both costly and time consuming for all involved.

How does the service work?

On instruction, our experienced agents will immediately visit the Commercial premises anywhere in England or Wales (same day, where possible) and provide a written report and photographic evidence to determine:

  1. Is the Company still trading?
  2. What assets are they holding?

Each one of our Enforcement Agents are trained to an extremely high-level, enabling discretion,where necessary, plus the ability to ascertain evidence using our high capacity drone.

What happens next?

All documentation will be reviewed at a senior level within Absolute Enforcement and recommendations, including the most suitable type of enforcement to recover monies owed, provided to you.

As part of our fee, we can, if required, serve our Pre-Debt Letter whilst our agent is on-site.  Ultimately, the next steps are up to each individual client and each case is different.  However, our fee is fixed no matter how large or small the debt is.

What are the success rates so far?

Success rate of our Clients using this new service so far have been extremely positive with a high percentage of Clients not needing to progress to Court to retrieve their monies owed.

If you are currently owed money and want to see if the Company is still trading and has assets then instruct us today and we’ll do the rest!

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