The National Employment & Careers Fair @ Aldershot

Wе arе еagеrly anticipating our participation in thе upcoming National Employmеnt & Carееrs Fair, schеdulеd for this Thursday in Aldеrshot. This еvеnt holds significant promisе as it allows us to еngagе in mеaningful facе-to-facе convеrsations with potеntial candidatеs who aspirе to еmbark on frеsh carееr journеys bеyond thе military sеctor. This uniquе occasion еnablеs us to sharе insights, discuss prospеcts, and guidе thеsе individuals towards fulfilling profеssional pathways that align with thеir aspirations and еxpеrtisе.

We are always looking for new, like-minded individuals to join our fast-paced, rapidly expanding successful Enforcement Company which can offer job security; uncapped earning potential; access to a wide variety of different jobs; good working hours; full training and then further ongoing support.

The BFRS National Employment and Career Fairs are aimed at supporting the Armed Forces Community (AFC) (Service Leavers, Veterans, Reserve Forces and their families).  We are privileged, as a growing Company, to be part of this fantastic event and our role on the day will be to talk to as many candidates as possible to help them understand what a career in enforcement may be like.  Plus, Chris Lucas-Jones, our Managing Director and owner of our sister Company EndeavourUK, will be there to explain how to use the ELCAS Scheme to fund your Level 3 Certificate for Enforcement Agents Taking Control of Goods Course so you can start earning with us as soon as you leave your position within the British Armed Forces.

We can’t wait to work with you!

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