Chris MD of Absolute Enforcement

Christopher Lucas-Jones, Managing Director of Absolute Enforcement, was born in 1985 in East London, England.  He is the founder and Managing Director of Absolute Enforcement and EndeavourUK. Chris completed 3 years in college. His career started at 19 as an Enforcement Agent with JBW Group, an enforcement company based in London, they are now part of CDER Group. His performance prompted JBW Group to promote him to Enforcement Agent Performance Improver and later as Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) Operations Manager.

In 2011 Chris identified a need in the enforcement industry for better training and more professional agents.  He saw potential in military veterans as Enforcement Agents. As a result, he founded Endeavour (UK) Limited t/a EndeavourUK a training company based in England. Chris’ vision for EndeavourUK was to provide professional training for agents. Also to provide skills and work opportunities for men and women who served in the armed forces.  When Chris spoke with charities that helped people get into work, he noticed that there was a need for training to help people to get into other industries.  Chris worked with the Princes TrustCatch22 and a number of local authorities to help people with training to get into work.

After a career in the Enforcement industry in 2017, Chris founded Absolute Enforcement. He had two simple visions with Absolute Enforcement. First to provide the best service for claimants who were owed money and second to provide work for high court enforcement agents, offering up skilling and coaching to the agents.  Within a year Absolute Enforcement became one of the fastest-growing enforcement companies which covers all of England and Wales.  In early 2020, COVID19 struck the world.  Chris and Absolute Enforcement was one of the only companies that stayed open throughout the pandemic, offering a service to their clients in a Covid safe way.

In summer 2020, Chris was approached to take part in a new documentary series which was to highlight the standards and professionalism of the enforcement industry and the Enforcement Agents involved. It was also to showcase the industry from a claimant’s perspective and not that of a debtor. After numerous meetings it was agreed that Absolute Enforcement would take part and Channel5 ‘Call The Bailiffs, Time To Pay Up’ was born. The show was launched in Summer 2021.