People Tracing Service

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We  offer tracing service for the purpose of debt recovery or legal proceedings. 

If we cannot find an address, then no fee with our Standard Trace.

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Absolute Enforcement are experts in tracing people. We offer a nationwide debtor/people tracing service, which quickly identifies and tracks down individuals.  These trace services are offered for the purpose of debt recovery or legal proceedings.

Every year millions of pounds are written off because debtors have moved on, often leaving no details behind in an effort to avoid paying what’s yours.  To request a trace, simply supply us with the information asked at the bottom of this page and we will then send you the invoice for the trace and your trace report.

Standard Trace

The cost for this trace is £75 plus VAT, (no address, no fee).

Our traces are carried out manually by an experienced desktop tracing agent to ensure the best results.

You will get the trace results normally within 2 working days

Enhanced Trace

The fee for this enhanced trace is £195 plus VAT.

This Enhanced Trace Report which includes the standard trace information plus other information the experienced desktop tracing agent finds on the subject person. They will use multiple databases, for example but not limited to, where available, full address history, information on properties owned, full directorship search, social media information, phone numbers, email addresses that is found during the investigation.  Your will get this Enhanced Trace Report normally within 5 working days.

Download our PDF instruction form and email it to us, we will do the rest.

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