Traveller Eviction Case Study

Another successful story in Traveller Evictions

The owners of a piece of land in the North of England happened to notice one day that an access gate was open which had previously been locked.  On approaching the gate, they noticed that the chain had been cut and there were travellers and vehicles on site.  They spoke to the travellers who asked for money to leave and that they would stay as long as they wanted to. 

By that time, it was obvious that he needed a traveller evictions service from a trusted and reliable company. He approached Absolute Enforcement which has one of the most efficient and reliable traveller evictions services in the country. Upon calling Absolute Enforcement within minutes, a team of enforcement agents from the traveller evictions team were making their way to the location.


Traveller Evictions in Colchester Caravans in a Field

The highly experienced and professional enforcements agents from the traveller evictions team arrived at 11:00 and were met by 3 individuals who were extremely aggressive and stated that they had a funeral in London and would stay until few days. 

The team were in the process of evicting the traveller when a male approached angrily and advised that we could not touch the caravans as they had women and children inside them. A copy for each of the caravans was given to the male.  The travellers were still refusing to leave the site and would continually tell the agents that they were wasting their time. They even told the agents to get more agents and the Police as they were staying put. At one stage the travellers tried pushing the agents back towards the gate telling them to go and get the recovery trucks.  The children were also seen damaging the signage when the agents approached them, a male screamed at the agents to leave them alone and point blankly refused to stop the children from damaging the signage.

Since the travellers were only not cooperating but behaving aggressively our enforcement agents from the traveller evictions team professionally informed the male that we will be asking for recovery trucks and the Police to attend. However, agents were told not to do that as they travellers are going be leave in an hour or so.  

Agents asked for the travellers’ word on this, and the traveller held out his hand and gave his word. By 14:00 all the travellers were evicted from the site by the Absolute Enforcement agents. One of our agents remained on-site while the company that owned the land relocked the gate to make the site secure again.

Another happy customer with a quick traveller eviction.

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