Traveller Evictions in Braintree

Two ways to Evict Traveller from your land in Braintree  

Here at Absolute Enforcement we are expert in Traveller Evictions in Braintree and have a senior team of high court enforcement agents with years of experience, we deal with all cases sensitively, thoroughly and efficiently.  Absolute Enforcement can help you the landowner remove travellers from private land by either using Common Law or by obtaining a High Court Possession Order (Writ of Possession)

Traveller Evictions in Colchester

Under common law, the landowner has the legal right to remove trespassers from their private land, using force if required.  The Common Law process allows for removal without the need for court proceedings. The main advantage of common law eviction is that it can be carried out quickly which can help to reduce the amount of damage to land and buildings and to reduce the amount of waste left behind. If common law is not possible we can evict traveller from your land by High court Possession Order

Absolute Enforcement has team capable to remove Traveller  from Braintree within as little as two hours. 

If the trespassers become hostile or stubborn our agents are trained to deal with this, we will try to keep the resources to the minimum to keep your cost as low as possible.  However, to ensure a safe and swift eviction, in some cases we will require you to approve the use of tow trucks, dog security or additional agents.  We will keep you updated at every stage of the eviction.

Where fly tipping or illegal behaviour may take place we recommend our security or security dogs to be placed on site overnight, and potentially once the site has been cleared it may be recommended for them to be on site until the site is secured.  We can organise this if needed.  We have our own security team and have strong partnerships with nationwide Security Companies who can assist in all areas of Traveller Evictions with our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs).  We work closely with Local Authorities and the Local Police to ascertain any risk and to allocate sufficient resources so any Traveller Eviction inn Croydon is completed quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Contact us today so of our experienced team in traveller evictions in Brentwood  can discuss with you to see if the Common Law route is available.  If common law is not an option for you, don’t worry as we can assist you with obtaining a High Court Writ of Possession to evict the trespassers.

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