Forfeiture Case Study Part 2 – Taking Control

Taking Control

The 3 locksmiths then proceeded to change multiple locks on the retail units and all remote boxes to the exterior metal shutters on the units were also replaced.

As we opened the large shutter to the car wash, we noticed three people were standing inside being very quiet. The team leader asked them who they were and to see their ID. They asked if we were Police, when we informed them were enforcement agents they said they do not have any ID to show us and grabbed their bags and left the site very quickly. These three people did not speak much English and gave the impression that they may be illegal immigrants. As there were no other people on site, we could continue with the forfeiture of lease.

The enforcement agents placed up for forfeiture of lease notices and tort notices.

At approximately 04:25 hrs 1 IC3 male arrived on site to challenge what was taking place, he explained that he worked in the barber shop on site. This male then proceeded to make some telephone calls and informed us that the tenant I now know to be X was on his way.

At approximately 04:45hrs X and a female I now know to be his wife Y arrived. They approached us stating that this is the second time enforcement agents have attempted to take control of this site and that this time we have come prepared. They went on to explain that the local community would not take this action lightly and the situation would be volatile within the whole community. They stayed outside of the site perimeter for most of the day with multiple males and females arriving in several different vehicles. The whole team was on high alert to prevent any potential security breaches. The Team Leader explained to X that he had no legal rights on the land as a forfeiture of lease has been successfully completed. It was also explained that X had seven days to organise the collection of all of his items, or these items will become the landlord’s goods to sell, destroy or do as see fit. X asked if he could come in and take a few items. We refused him access and stated we would bring any items he requires to the gate and leave on the outside curb for him to remove.

During the day a news reporter arrived I believe to be from the Southwark news and she was interviewing X and several members of the public. We were approached by the news reporter and asked to give a statement to which this request was politely declined.

Due to the sensitivity and the potential for this operation becoming volatile The Metropolitan Police had been informed prior to this operation taking place and a CAD report number was given the police were contacted several times throughout the day to update them on the operation.

During the night we had several vehicles attending the site. I believe they were assessing how many security personnel were still on site.

Part 3 Coming Soon – The Hold